We believe that it’s important to counsel, inform and educate our clients regarding all matters that are pertinent in the defense of workers’ compensation claims. 

We know that costs matter to you so we strive to move the claims as quickly as possible.  We do not keep our cases open to get more billable hours.  We believe in early settlement as a cost effective solution.   Settlements occurring at depositions can be extremely cost effective, thus a priority with our firm.

This firm does not hesitate to go to trial and prepares accordingly.  Thus, we have a record of excellent results and consistent file handling.  We adhere to special handling requests for cases that are complex.  

There is a professionalism and dedication that our office brings to each case.  Complex issues are carefully discussed and thoroughly vetted in order to obtain an agreed upon strategy and the superior result.


  • Investigation of claims
  • Reasonable costs
  • Current and up to date advice to our clients

Our Services

WCAB Boards Served

Our principal office is in the heart of Los Angeles, California.  Our office is centrally located to handle all of the Southern California locations of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.  We have  branch offices in Orange County and San Diego County to facilitate access to the WCAB  locations in these counties. 

  • Onsite training
  • Recommendations concerning medical-legal matters including what AME to utilize for which case
  • Thorough review of medical records
  • Prompt status reporting




Law Offices of David J. Shepard